Hey! We're Suzanna
& Cortney

(and this is our family)

We help you reconnect to your mind, body, heart & eventually everything else... 

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Hey! We're
Suzanna & Cortney
(and these are our kids)

We help you reconnect to your body, mind, heart, loved ones & eventually everything else... 

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We help you authentically express yourself and connect with your loved ones through reconnecting to your mind, body & heart.

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Every morning, we wake up with our clients and help them move their body, visualize and create the life they really want. You are invited to join us every Monday morning at 6:30am EST. 

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We're Suzanna & Cortney. 

Helping people like you make life changing progress in their mindset, their bodies and their relationships, and above all, discovering your true authentic self.

We work intimately with our clients so they can build and maintain good habits for a lifetime. Our signature programs are designed upon success-proven principles AND are customized to you and your needs. 

We’ve helped clients living a successful life, create a life they truly love, a body they are proud of, and relationships where they feel fully self-expressed.


What Does Our Coaching Process Look Like?

Our coaching is highly personalized. Not everyone fits the same coaching style and not everyone needs the same result.

We work from the mind, and bodyto meet at the heart where we can share what we learned through our relationships with loved ones. 

Most of the work starts with you, and we provide you with homework, physical workouts, and self-reflection exercises. 

There are four elements that we focus on with all of our clients. 


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Focusing on communication with self, mind and others, I offer coaching through all of life's challenges. With an extensive background in coaching and self-realization, I am here to help you find where you want to go. And get there. 

Suzanna's Guide to Being Brave


I have worked with professional athletes to billionaires to the average weekend warrior that just wants to have fun with their kids without getting another injury, and they all have one thing in common...

When they are disconnected from their body, they can't express their craft and feel dead inside.

When I can help them understand what works for their body (mechanics, muscle function, diet and mind set), they come alive and truly connect to WHO they really are.  As a result the impact that they have on their family, community and the world is astronomical. 

I am here to help you understand and connect with your body in a way you've never experience before.

It's up to you to take the first step and keep believing in the impossible! 

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