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Design a Life Beyond your Expectations

Life-coaching to help you reach ultimate heights

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Your North Star in Guiding You

To reach that next level of success as an executive or entrepreneur, you need a success-proven system that will peak your performance.

Meet your Coaches

Hey there! We are Suzanna and Cortney. We work intimately with our clients so they can build and maintain good habits for life. Our signature programs are designed upon success-proven principles AND are customized to you and your needs.

While more people are looking for ways to improve their lives than ever before, most fail to follow through their self-improvement journey and continue to struggle because…

  • follow a one-size fits all approach
  • don’t know how to achieve their goals    
  • don’t have a coach who holds them accountable
  • don’t know how to maintain good habits    
  • don't have a community to learn and grow from
  • believe that self-care is unproductive   
  • don’t schedule time for themselves
Let us be your North Star in guiding you to a life beyond your expectations. 


Find your North Star with us

Customized Corporate Programs

Mindset coaching to meet the needs of your employees and executive team

  • Transform Communication
  • Increase Performance
  • Foster Cohesive Team Dynamics
  • Overcome Adversity & Controversy
  • Accountability Structure 
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Proud Corporate Partnerships

What people are saying about PEAK 60

Here is how Peak Performance Coaching has helped many executives and entrepreneurs reach the next level of success.
What you’ll get with Peak Performance Coaching…
      • A framework with proven results 
      • Best practices on how to increase your energy, productivity, inner strength and physical fitness
      • Personalized coaching to ensure your success 
      • A supportive community to grow along with
      • An Accountability Advisor

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Let us work with you to figure out what program is best for you. Stay connected with us to get updates or to contact us directly.


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